Friday, February 28, 2020

Defines Atom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Defines Atom - Essay Example Even the books read by students are comprised of atoms. If everything in the world could be divided into the smallest piece possible, it would all look like an atom. It would be very difficult to place atoms in one category of life as they are everywhere and a part of everything around us. The knowledge of atoms has been used in both good and bad things in life. For example, some scientists have used this knowledge to create dangerous weapons such as the atomic bomb. However, the world has tried to reduce the dangers of such weapons by maintaining peace and certain programs that involve countries destroying their nuclear weapons. As mentioned above, several things around us can be broken down to atoms and they are many benefits associated with the knowledge of atoms. In fact, we cannot do anything that does not involve us interacting with elements that contain atoms. Like different elements around us, human bodies have their own equivalent to an atom. Humans are made up of organ syst ems such as the system that allows us to breathe, the system that allows blood to move all over our bodies and the system that allows us to think and respond to things around us. ... However, another interesting factor is that cells themselves are also similar to elements in the sense that they can be divided into macromolecules, which can be divided into molecules. And guess what†¦ these molecules can also be divided into atoms. This has been described by scientists as the organization of life. In more precise terms, a cell can be defined as the basic functional, biological and structural unit of organisms that are classified as living. A cell is often defined as the building block to every living organism. Biologically, the cells have been defined by a scientific theory known as the cell theory. This approach illustrates the properties and structural components of a cell. There are three main components in the cell theory and these include: living organisms of comprise of 1 or more cells; fell on derived from living pre-existing cell and the cell is the most basic functional, organizational and structural unit of all oral living organisms. In addition, cel ls can also be divided according to the living organism into eukaryotes or prokaryotes. These each have different morphological features including the intracellular components. The atoms in elements can be differentiated by their different nuclear and electronic properties which influence the reactions and characteristics of each element. Human cells on the other hand, are different morphologically in order to suite their particular purposes. Examples of cells include cardio myocytes, neurons, hepatocytes and pneumocytes which all have specific functions in different organs. As mentioned above, different cells can be different in their intracellular

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Computer Crimes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Computer Crimes - Essay Example A foreign terrorist, who launched the attack to cause billions of dollars in damage to the U.S. economy, is pointing towards the incident of 9/11 on The World Trade Center in America. America suspects that the attack on World Trade Center was a pre-planned assault by the foreign terrorists. Foreign terrorist with the help of computer gets the details of the plane and moreover programmed the plan in a matter that it's all breaks get failed, the satellite settings for the plane to give signals on airport were cut off and nothing can stop the plan from hitting the twin tower, the World Trade Center at day time when the building was in full bloomed with people. This hit not only damages the buildings and gave the loss of billions of money but also destroys the number of American families. This was a crucial computer terrorism spread all over the world. Criminals for such kind of crimes should not only stay far from the computer but they should stay away from their loved ones as they sepa rate many American family members. They must be kept in the jail for all life long in a place where they can’t see the world or can hear what is going around. To cure from such crimes, state should be strict before allowing immigrants to pass the immigration for the country.